Get Your Associates Degree In Nursing Or Criminal Justice

Article by Natasha Bright

It’s true that most people recognize that college is an important component of getting a good job, especially today.  But the fact of the matter is, not everyone has the desire or time to go to school for four years before they begin to work.  In fact, a lot of people need to get to work sooner rather than later, especially if they are raising a family.

If you’re one of these students and know  that you need to go to school, but you also know a bachelor’s degree isn’t the right tool for you right now, you can think about getting an associate’s degree.  The associate’s degree has a couple of distinct advantages that a bachelor’s degree doesn’t offer.  With an associate’s degree in several fields, you are ready to get right to work in a good paying job, because your associate degree has prepared you to get right to work, in as little as two years.

One field that is a great example of this “get to work” maxim is an associate degree in nursing.  An associate degree in nursing will allow a student to graduate with degree in nursing after just two short years.  Everyone knows that nursing is a real up and coming field, especially with the new health reforms and an aging population that needs more medical care than ever.

The great news about an associate in nursing is that you will graduate ready to take the national Licensure examination.  You will graduate ready and prepared to take your licensing exams right away.  It’s very likely that you will be able to get hired right after graduation, or even before, because the demand for nurses is so high right now.

An associate degree in nursing is one of the degrees that lead to some of the highest paying jobs for two-year degrees.  One of the reasons for the great pay is the high demand.  With the new changes to health care, and a growing population of older people, the government says that jobs in the nursing field are going to grow rapidly over the next several years.  Not only will thousands of new jobs be created, but also nurses who are retiring during the same period will leave thousands of jobs vacant.

Another great example of an associate degree that will help you get right to work is an associate degree in criminal justice.  This degree will enable a student to be prepared to apply for a job in the field of law enforcement at a number of levels.  One of the most popular jobs that people seek with a criminal justice degree is that of a local law enforcement officer.

There are actually some police academies that are coupled with community colleges that also have police academies.  Students work for two years attaining their criminal justice degree, which greatly enhances their preparation for the police academy.  A great number of law enforcement agencies will no longer hire applicants who only hold high school diplomas or GEDs.  They are requiring that their new hires hold an associates degree as a minimum for acceptance.  The good news is that many agencies offer tuition assistance to their new employees.

Associate degree programs in either nursing or criminal justice can allow a graduate to get to work very quickly after graduation with a job that offers great pay, security, and benefits, and complete their degree with online classes, too. For more information check Education Connection.

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My experience in Nursing school

Nursing school is very hard to get in. I got in because I finished all of my classes with a good GPA. If you have a high GPA, it’s easier to get into the program. It’s easier to get into a two years program rather than a four years program. The two year program is available at a community college. A four year program is available at a four year program. You can still take your state licensing exam at a two years program and become a register nurse. You can do the same with a four year program. However, with a BSN, you can go into management. You can do more with an advanced degree.

I finished my AA when I applied for the program. I didn’t get into the Long Beach program because I was still taking some classes but I got into the LA program. It was a BSN program. I was happy when I got accepted but I don’t think that nursing was ever my dream in life. My cousin was a nurse and she told me to study it because it’s a stable field. I was really young and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was twenty one years old when she told me to study nursing. I went ahead and study all of my prerequisites and applied to a program. I got into the program at CSULA. I went there for a couple of years. The professors there were alright. They weren’t exceptional but they were alright. They didn’t give me a lot of problem either. I was lucky to have clinical with a really sweet lady. She didn’t have any children and her husband was a doctor. She was really helpful and she always gave me a lot of personal attention.

The program was not that hard and it was manageable. I did really well on most of my classes. It wasn’t impossible to pass your classes. I had one problem and that was the distance from my home to the college. I drove every single day and it was too much to handle. I got into a really bad car accident one time too. I was lucky that I survived that accident. It was brutal.

The classroom was fine and the clinical was not bad either. I did have a lot of problems with the classmates. They were very competitive and they weren’t nice either. I guess they were young and confused too. It’s tough being a student. You don’t have money and you’re working hard to finish college. A lot of people dropped out too. They didn’t like it anymore. We had labs in our college. They had a lot of mannequins and body parts for us to look at. It was alright but nothing impressive. We had to buy lab equipments and it was about 0 each semester. Nursing school was kind of boring for me. We sat in lectures and then we play around with the mannequins. I was hoping for more excitement. I did like it when we went to practice at the hospital. I saw a lot of patients and their medical conditions. I also saw a couple of celebrity who were patients. I think that people really need to research into the nursing field to see if it’s really for them. You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money and quit later on. It’s one of those careers that people quit often.

Written by kay_pierre

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Education – Marines

As a Marine, up to 100 percent of your education expenses may be paid by the federal government through programs like Tuition Assistance, the Montgomery GI Bill and the Marine Corps College Fund. Select Marines may earn a degree through the College Degree Program, which has both a four- and two-year option. Both options cover the cost of tuition, fees, textbooks and uniforms at certain selected colleges and universities. In addition, Marine Corps Officers have the opportunity to earn Master’s Degrees and law degrees under the Advanced Degree Program, Special Education Program and Funded Law Program, all of which are partially funded by the Marine Corps. For more information about advanced degrees for officers, go to These education benefits extend long beyond active duty and are awarded based on the number of years served and the specific education program in which you enroll. Visit for more information about becoming a Marine.
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