Online Associate Degrees

If you have not completed any college or university education
after high school and are thinking about getting an online
degree, one of your best options may to be to consider an online
associate degree. These programs are readily available, come in
a wide variety of choices, and generally take about half as long
to complete as an online bachelors degree. Best of all they are
usually half of the cost.

If you are considering moving in this way towards an online
degree then look for accredited programs. Accredited programs
can be transferred for credit at any college or university and
that’s important because you may want to go back and get your
bachelors or even masters degree at some point in the future. An
unaccredited degree may prove to be worthless, so choose your
program carefully.

Here are a few college level programs that you might wish to
consider for your online associate degree.

American Intercontinental University is an international
university with campuses in Georgia, California, Texas and
Florida in the United States, as well as England and the United
Arab Emirates. AIU Online offers distance learning programs that
grant accredited bachelor, masters, and associate degrees in
Business Management, Healthcare Management, Marketing, Criminal
Justice, Visual Communications, and Education. AIU Online
programs and degrees are accredited by the Commission on
Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Ashworth College is a nationally accredited distance learning
school that promises to provide you with online classes
supplemented by authoritative textbooks and study guides that
are mailed to your home. They offer online associate degree
programs in Criminal Justice, Business Management, Health Care
Management, Computer Information Management, Accounting,
Paralegal Studies, Early Childhood Education, Human Resource
Management, and Psychology.

National American University is accredited by the Higher
Learning Commission to grant bachelor and associate degrees
online. They offer online associate degree programs in Applied
Management, Business Administration and Information Technology
as well as an Associate of Science Degree in General Studies.

Crown College offers an online education that combines the
traditional arts, sciences and humanities with the professional
disciplines related to these fields. Their online Associate of
Science degree in Criminal Justice program provides the graduate
with the capacity to compete for jobs in Law Enforcement,
Community Corrections, Prison/Jail Officer, Private
Investigations/Security. Their online Associate of Science in
Paralegal Studies degree provides the graduate with the skills
to compete for jobs as a Paralegal, Court Clerk, or Judicial

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How To Use An Online Degree To Enhance Your Career

Article by Jullie Harvard

Do you want to do the same level of jobs in your lifetime? Are you satisfied with your current salary and the minor percentage of increment each year? If you answer if “NO”, then, you need to do something to make changes by enhancing your current career or advanced to a new career that pays better and with better employee benefits. Here are some tips to can use an online degree to make these changes happen.

Let’s see the facts:

Generally, people with more working experience in related field gets better salary. People who are holding a bachelor degree get better income than those who are holding an associate degree of the same subject. Master degree holders get higher salary than bachelor degree holders and people with doctorate degree get the highest pays.

These facts may not be true all the time, but in general, it does. Job market is very competitive, you need to have good skills with sufficient working experience and a good knowledge to be success in your position and be successful in your career. The bottom line is: working experience and skills need to be built over time; one thing you can speed up is your knowledge that related to your job. With the available of online degree programs that cover almost every subjects, enabled you to gain your required knowledge without on holding your current career.

Earn Your Degree Online

Most of job positions have minimum education requirement. For example, for a junior engineer position, a candidate is required to have a minimum of bachelor degree in the related field. If you are current holding a position as a technician with an associate degree and with a few year of working in the related field; And you are looking for a job promotion within the company or career advancement to other company that offer a junior engineer position, you should prepare to earn a bachelor degree of the related engineering field to get yourself ready for the job when there are vacancies offered on the related engineer position.

You know that if you quit your job and go back to school for the degree, you will lose a few year of working experience and your current income. In addition, if you have family commitment and other financial reasons that stop you from quitting your job, then, earn your degree online is the best option that provides a perfect solution to continue your job and pursuing a degree for a better future.

Many executives and officers level are earning a management or business degree for their career advancement to a management level such as department manager, HR manager, Vice President of Marketing department & etc. If you are looking for a job opportunity in senior management position, you need to have a master and doctorate degree in business administration or other business related degree in order to complete with other candidates. Many traditional universities and online colleges are offering business related online degree programs such online MBA, online Master Degree in management, Ph.D in Business Administration & etc. You definite can find a degree program that can help you to meet your career goal.


Earn a degree online is a good option for people who are planning for career promotion or career advancement. The advantages of online degree program in term of flexibility of learning schedule and convenient of study from home enables you to plan your study to fit your busy working schedule.

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A Wonderful Way To Finish College

College education is one among the major considerations of monetarily insecure families. With the amount of tuition fees soaring high every school year, there are so many individuals who believe that a college degree could just be impossible to attain.  However, low income families should not be discouraged because fortunately, there are colleges and universities who recognize the importance of providing scholarships or grants to deserving students to make their dreams of becoming professional turn into reality.  Numerous agencies and organizations exist that offer economic assistance and school grants to meritorious students to pay their tuition fees and other school expenses.

School grants are typically awarded to pupils who qualify to their standards and requirements.  These are provided according to their need, merit, test scores, grades, and other criteria as set by the organization.  Grants are the best means to finance the education of those who cannot afford, yet deserving students to pay for the cost of achieving a good college education.  Unlike college educational loans, these grants are free gift money and needn’t be paid back.  There are numerous types of grants available for everybody and each pupil might find where he could fit and qualify.  

Several students find it difficult to reach college without any financial support and here are various grant opportunities available from federal economic assistance.  The government grants free money for the college education of financially deprived pupils.  Fortunately, these grants are no longer repayable when you graduate since they have been entirely paid for once you utilize the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  While applying for grants, you would be needed to submit an economic aid form by the school or organizations, nonetheless, you need to comply early especially when these agencies have only limited funds for certain number of students.

Aside from the federal student aid, the school or college where you’d want to get educated may be providing grants to provide students defray their expenses.  You must consult your school’s finance office at once to get information, since their grants might only be restricted on a first come first served basis.  

Education is very essential for every individual and everyone has the right to acquire knowledge.  It’s such a valuable area for a bright future of our country, a main reason why countries are keen on making huge investments in granting educational assistance.  College grants are divided into four categories, as follows:  degree, subject, student and minority based categories.  Grant money are even offered for the following programs such as, nursery and preschool, primary and secondary, undergraduate and graduate colleges, business, medical schools and various sciences.  A great chance for you to fall into at least one area that the government would provide you support.
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