Can I get an associates degree as a Vet Tech first and then pursue a bachelors at a different college?

Question by Katherine Thorne: Can I get an associates degree as a Vet Tech first and then pursue a bachelors at a different college?
So I was wondering if its possible to get earn a Associates degree as a Vet Tech and then after start to pursue to get my bachelors degree as a vet tech? Because of certain circumstances I want to earn my associates at my local community college and then transfer to another college that has a bachelor’s degree program for Vet Techs. I would really like some help with this question, anyone? Thanks!

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Answer by CindyRVT
Absolutely. There are so few schools that even offer a bachelors degree in veterinary technology that it’s quite common to earn your associates from one school and your bachelors in veterinary technology from another.

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How to earn extra Money fast – 10 ways to make money on the side


Save lives & Earn extra money. There are many plasma donation centers across the United States. Compensation for new Donors is usually between -0/week for new donors and between -/week for returning donors. Compensation varies depending on Donation centers and promotions.
The best thing to do is an internet search for “Plasma Centers” in your city and call them for more information such as business hours, compensation & requirements. Talecris, ZLB & Biomat USA are a few to search for.

*Tip* Because some centers pay more than others, Try to find all of the different centers in your area to compare compensation rates.


Work special events and promotions. There are many Nationwide Event Staffing web sites, which provide employees for special events and promotions in your area. This is great for most people because you can sign up to work events when you have free time from your day job. Most events/jobs pay between – per hour.
Google event staffing and sign up for free on one of these web sites and begin earning extra money as soon as you receive your first job offer. The time frame in which you get paid varies depending on which site you choose.

*Tip* Beware of Scams: A good site to search for encore nationwide


Sell, sell, sell. Garage sales are becoming more & more popular these days, nearly every family in the world could have one, simply because we all have outdated, unused or unwanted items gathering dust and adding clutter to our lives.
The next time you clean out your house, attic, basement or garage collect items you would like to sell.
Advertisement & location are two factors that can make or break your garage sale. Most people just put an ad in their local paper, but in addition to that make use of internet technology, advertise on facebook, myspace and twitter, send text messages to remind friends and family and have your teenagers help out by doing the same things. Also if you have friends and family that live in better locations you can ask them if you can have it there and give them a percentage of the profits.

*Tip* Make your garage sale easy to find by using colorful signs with arrows and balloons.

# 4 EBAY

Sell your unwanted mechanise on eBay! Some people shy away from this because the don’t want to take the time out to learn how to list items on eBay. If you are one of the less technologically savvy people in the world, Don’t be afraid to get help from the younger generation. Have your teenagers, nieces, nephews or even your friends children to teach you how to list your items for sale on eBay. Also do research on eBay for ended items similar to the items you plan to sell, in order to see if they sell well if at all and which categories they sell best in.

*Tip* If you have large quantities of different items, try opening an eBay store or using the “buy it now” option on eBay


Post an ad on craigs list for an item you want to sell, A service you can provide: you can post for anything from odd jobs you can do to scrap booking lessons and you list your price. Craigslist is a lot more simple and user friendly than eBay, but is substantially less visually appealing.
The best way to get ideas is to visit craigslist and view the wide variety of categories you can list your services under. Take advantage of your skilled labor and talent by making money doing something you enjoy.

*Tip* As a safety precaution when providing a service or exchanging goods, bring a friend and or meet in a public place during daytime hours only.


Work a first or second job. Find jobs that will earn you extra cash in tips!! The Resuarant/Casino/Bar/Hotel industry is the best for these types of positions. I have always heard that people earn a very good living from the tips they earn and the best thing is you can take cash home every time you work, instead of waiting for payday every other week. This is a great job to earn money and take care of those unexpected expenses.

*Tip* Look for openings for bellman, valet runners, waiters/waitresses cocktail servers & bartenders. You can even go in to businesses that hire for these types of positions and ask them if they have any openings.


If you have a special talent, skill or hobby you think others might be interested in learning. Contact you local college university or visit their website to see if they offer leisure classes and get information on teaching them.
Pay varies depending on subject popularity and enrollment. This can be a very fun and enlightening experience.

*TIP* If you happen to live in or around the Baton Rouge, LA area Louisiana State University offers a wide variety of leisure classes.


Sell your gently used, unwanted or outdated clothing, shoes & Accessories to second hand shops such as Plato’s Closet. The money you earn depends on the condition of the item, popularity of the item, Fashion Season & Brand name.
Google Plato’s Closet and other “gently used” “second hand” “consignment” “thrift” shop retailers. Go clean out your closet and make some money!!

*TIP* Make sure your items are clean and presentable before you try to sell them, they will reject items for various reasons.


Teach our youth. Requirements vary depending city and state, however in most cities you may need to pass a test to qualify to be a substitute teacher; the good news is in some cases you only need a high school diploma, although College degreed subs are paid higher.
The good thing about this is you can do it only when you want to, have free time or between jobs. Please visit you local school board to inquire about substitute teaching opportunities.


Okay, Most people may choose to stay away from pawn shops, but If you are in a bind an you need ‘Cash in Hand’ right away this may be a good option. There are lots of pawn shops to choose from, so choose wisely.

*Tip*Try not to pawn items that posses a high level of sentimental value

Written by DimeDiva

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What is the best way to find out which Universities offer the best early childhood education degrees/programs?

Question by berryb: What is the best way to find out which Universities offer the best early childhood education degrees/programs?
I want to obtain my B.S. in early childhood education and I would like to know what is the best way to find out how good each of the universities programs are in this field?

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Answer by Meghna D
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