Is An Online Nursing Degree For You?

Article by Gust A. Lenglet

You can earn your online nursing degree, but as with any online degree program, you must be self disciplined and motivated to succeed. Online nursing degree programs are offered at many accredited nursing schools throughout the United States that will prepare you to take advantage of the growing demand in the medical and health care industries. Demand for health care professionals, and professionals with nursing degree in particular, is expected to grow by 36 percent by the year 2010, with the need for nurse practitioners and other advanced practice registered nurses among the greatest. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Employment in home healthcare is expected to grow rapidly. Due to the ever growing response to the number of older persons with functional disabilities, as well as consumer preference for care in the home, and technological advances that make it possible to bring increasingly complex treatments into the home, an online nursing degree can be in your best interest. The type of care demanded will require nursing degree graduates who are able to perform complex procedures. To improve operational efficiency and quality of care, employers are demanding nurses and managers with current expertise.To help you excel in this dynamic field, there are several programs geared to deliver accelerated online health care and an online nursing degree to adult professions.Benefits of Online nursing degree programs

There are many benefits in attaining an online nursing degree and if you have a strong desire and are highly motivated, you can accomplish this.

* You can complete the course work to obtain an online nursing degree quickly and conveniently, and at your schedule.

* Online nursing degree programs are less expensive than attending a physical college location, not to mention the travel time.

* Flexible online nursing degree programs allow you to work around personal commitments as long as you complete your assignments on time.

* You are able to tailor your curriculum to meet your specific goals; you’ll study an up-to-date curriculum that addresses the critical needs of the health care industry.

* With computer experience, you have available In-depth exposure to online tools being widely used in today’s business environments.

* You can complete your online health care or online nursing degree in just 2 to 3 years. (Even sooner if you have qualifying credits or work experience.)

Is There Any Value In An Online Nursing Degree?

* More and more employers are seeking nurses with an online nursing degree at the bachelor’s and graduate-degree levels who can deliver the higher complexity of care required across a variety of acute-care, primary-care, and community health settings, and to provide other needed services such as case management, health promotion, and disease prevention.

* Since nurses comprise the largest single component of hospital staff, they are the primary providers of hospital patient care, and an online nursing degree can prepare you for this.* An online nursing degree can prepare you for employment at hospitals, as well as many other settings, including private practices, public health agencies, just to name a few.

* An online nursing degree can qualify you for a better than average salary.The average annual earnings of registered nurses employed in nursing was ,782 in 2000, according to the federal Division of Nursing. Nurse practitioners, advanced clinical nurses prepared at the master’s-degree level, earned an average of ,262, while nurses with doctoral degrees earned an average ,262.

To summarize, an online nursing degree can prepare you for an exciting and rewarding profession. Plus, the added satisfaction of helping and caring for others can be a big factor in your life. As with choosing any career, just be certain that this is what you really want to do. This can be a high pressure and demanding vocation. In addition, before choosing any online nursing degree program, be certain that it has been accredited and will be recognized by your employer.

Gust A. Lenglet has been an accountant and financial advisor for many years. He is President and CEO of Crown Financial Concepts, Ltd. and offers Budgeting software to create a household budget. He is also an accomplished author in the tax, legal, and education fields, as well as debt consolidation and relief.

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Buhay Pinay Nurse (Life of a Filipina Nurse)

Being a Pinay or Filipina nurse isn’t easy. You get to experience sleepness nights when you were still a student because you have to keep with the standards being imposed to you by your college or else you end up pursing another degree or worst being out of school.

Graduating from a nursing degree is really rewarding. It opens to more challenges and expectations and we are expected to be always ready. The struggles of a nurse didn’t end upon graduation in fact we are to face the challenge of passing the Licensure Exam for Nurses just to practice our degree. We have to open our books and stay up late studying everything. We have to sit for 8 hours in the review centers and listen to our lecturers. We are lucky if we have interesting lecturers but would really curse if we have those boring speakers.

The Licensure Exam is something that I won’t dare repeat. I couldn’t put myself to sleep the night before the exam and couldn’t even eat breakfast before going to the testing area. The tension was really overwhelming. After the exam, I had stiff neck and I couldn’t help but think about the test questions and if whether I have shaded the space that would indicate which set of test I had taken. 

Then, we passed the Licensure Exam. It was really a fantastic experience. We received congratulations from everyone and we even had a blast. What happened after? What is our next plan?

We will then be very busy processing our license and attending seminars to upgrade our knowledge and skill. What’s next? Hmmm… 

Hospital hunting! That’s it! We will be very busy looking for hospitals who will accept us, the unexperienced nurses. Unluckily, these hospitals won’t hire us to be staff nurses instead they’ll offer us a program. We will be volunteer nurses in exchange of the certificate they can issue and the experience we’ll gain. Others they pay to the hospitals so that they can be accommodated in the program. 

There are so many battles a nurse has to win. We are trapped here unemployed and as professionals and as a family member, we have our duties to our family even though they’re not imposing them.  We have to help them that’s why many of the nurses are tempted to get a student visa from other countries like the United Kingdom by spending much and earn a little for a stressful duty, get employment from the middle east sacrificing the distance just to bridge this gap. For others who don’t have the chance to work abroad for some reasons would end up teaching English for Koreans and others in the call center.

This is the scenario of the nursing profession in the country. It is the painful truth. Registered nurses are unemployed and we’re all groping in the dark. I wonder if the sun would still shine for us.. Keep praying…

Kudos to all the Pinay nurses! Congratulations for all the sacrifices you’ve done to keep this profession alive. 

Written by cmarie87
i am a registered nurse in my country and i love writing and reading a lot.. . I write articles about health and prevalent diseases.

Accelerated Nursing Explained

Today, nursing is the probably the most preferred course to take by individuals worldwide for the reason that it opens many job opportunities. However, due to globalization and other factors that affect the rapid downfall of the economy, a lot of individuals wanted to graduate and find a job right away to sustain the needs of their families. When accelerated nursing was first introduced, a good number of students applied for it thinking that this would save them from the difficult college life.

Accelerated Nursing Degree

Being enrolled in college for four to five years depending on the course, a lot of students are getting sick and tired of it so some of them have the tendency to drop school and shift to another course. However, due to the emergence of accelerated nursing, the sorrow of the college students will be lesser since they can graduate in a Bachelor of Science course in less than 15 months. This brought hope to those students who wanted to graduate earlier and to have a great career ahead of the others.

Accelerated nursing is a special program that most western countries are looking for that is why stability is not that much of a problem. In fact, the compensation that is being offered to nurses is high when you compare it with those who are working in an office or with those health workers. Additionally, they will have the bigger chances of enjoying immense benefits.

Accelerated nursing program is not only limited to individuals who are interested with the course, rather, it also opens its doors to other professionals who wanted to become a nurse. Some are businessmen, instructors and even doctors who want to try their luck and verge on becoming a nurse thinking that bigger opportunities will come their way compared to what they have.

Unlike other courses, accelerated nursing loads up the burden of the students for it is more demanding than the usual courses. In order for them to submit the requirements on time, they should be more focused since the length of the course is shorter. Given that the time frame is limited, the instructors are expecting more from their students.

It is undeniable that accelerated nursing demands too much from the student, not only their time but dedication as well. However, all these things pay off right after graduation for they will get the taste of good life for they will land on a good job in a hospital that would compensate them right. Also, nurses are secured when it comes to having a job since all hospitals worldwide need them. Nurses are guaranteed with a stable job unlike with other professionals that can be affected by economic downfall. Nevertheless, accelerated nursing is recognized to be a very rewarding profession because the nurses don’t just benefit from it but to those who they care for as well.

Accelerated nursing is without a doubt a high-speed route for your career and to become a skilled professional. The education and exposure to actual work will be given to its students in a lesser time but then they get the same benefit with those who take the full 3 to 4 year BSN program.

Written by PatThomas

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