Online Accredited College Degree Program: for the New Student Committed to Success

Article by Jim Zorn

An online accredited college degree program allows you to take individual online college courses and to get an impressive college degree, without having to attend on-campus classes.

These programs are ideal for non-traditional adult students, who can study at their convenience, while meeting their work and family responsibilities. They get a second chance to complete their college education and to acquire a degree that will add to their career portfolio.

You can join an online accredited college degree program and get a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Doctorate in a subject of your choice. Some of the popular subjects are business, information technology, computer science, education, psychology, social work, counseling and journalism.

Many students prefer to join professional certificate programs in subjects like stress management, security management, law enforcement and public health nursing, that will help them in their careers.

What you need to consider before you sign up

Before you join an online accredited college degree program you need to be sure about your personal goals and how an online college degree will help you to reach them. If there is a clearly defined benefit that an online college degree can provide, like a pay raise, promotion or a better job, you must go ahead and join the course.

A college degree doesn’t come cheap and you need to carefully weigh the costs and benefits of joining an online accredited college degree program. Find out if your employer offers some type of tuition assistance as an employee benefit.

You need the support of your family and employer and be prepared to find time to work on the online degree program, in spite of having a packed schedule. You must be fully committed, have a positive attitude and believe that you can succeed through your own efforts.

Two-year schools offer associate degrees and certificate programs, while four-year schools and universities provide bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. Two-year schools are suitable for students who are very concerned about the cost and are not sure of their long-term goals or academic capabilities.

Four-year schools are suitable for students who are clear about their goals and are confident about their academic capabilities. Certificate courses are suitable for people who want to update their work skills, while degree courses are suitable for people who require an advanced degree and want to enter a professional field.

Institutions offering accredited online college degree programs

The University of Maryland University College (UMUC) offers several online bachelor’s degrees and undergraduate certificates. It is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education, Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Philadelphia.

The University of Phoenix Online is the nation’s largest, accredited private university. It is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Before you sign up for an online accredited college degree program, you must be clear about your career goals. Look for a school and a program that will help you to achieve what you want and be fully committed to success.

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