Begin a Freelance Writing Career and Make a Six Figure Income This Year!

Have you been in search of the perfect work from home business? You aren’t alone. With unemployment rising, the trend of people working at home has become more popular than ever. With the idea of working at home growing more each day, it also means that there is more competition than ever before. The competition for most work at home jobs is feirce and it could take months to even land a job. What if you don’t have months to wait? What if you need to work at home, but don’t have the money for business start up costs? You aren’t alone and if you have a general understanding of the English language you could be earning a six figure income before you know it.

Freelance writing is probably one of the easiest home businesses to start. If you have a computer and an Internet connection, you don’t need anything else. You can’t find a business with a lower start up cost anywhere. The best thing about freelance writing is that you are in complete control of your life. You control when you work, what projects you work on, and even how much money you make. You are your own boss and have total control over your life. While many work at home jobs give you the opportunity to schedule your own hours, they don’t normally allow you to control your income. With freelance writing everything is up to you. Sounds great doesn’t it? How do you get started in your new freelance writing career though?

Freelance writers work on a broad range of projects. If you are looking to work completely online though, we can easily break this up into two categories. These categories are writing for upfront pay and writing for a passive income. Writing for upfront pay means that you complete a project for your client, they pay you, and then your done. You move on to the next project. If you need money right away, you may choose to write for upfront pay. If you aren’t strapped for cash, you may consider starting your freelance writing career by concentrating on generating a passive income. A passive income means that you write an article and you are paid by how many people view that article. It continues to earn as long as it’s published. It’s basically the same way an author would earn royalties on a book they wrote 20 years ago. You can choose either way to make your income or you can choose to do both, it’s up to you.

Once you decide which direction you would like your freelance writing career to go in, you need to start writing! There are numerous places that you can easily publish your writing online. You need to publish some articles so that you have articles to show potential clients. Associated Content, eHow, and Bukisa are all good places to publish your writing when you are first begining your freelance writing career. While you may get upfront pay for these articles, you will at least generate a passive income. Most importantly though, you are building a writing portfolio that you can show as samples of you work.

Once you have enough sample articles published, it’s time to get some clients. There are countless sites that allow freelancers to bid on various projects. There are also content sites out there. Content sites like Demand Studios pay you upfront amounts for the articles you submit. Some content sites pay more than others so while you may only write for a few the majority of the time, you should apply everywhere you can. This way you make sure that you have work everyday. It’s easier than you may think to obtain freelance writing work and once you get going, your options are endless. There are also a lot of blogs dedicated to helping freelance writers. You can check out blogs like Am I Really a Writer? not only to read some great tips to make sure you succeed in freelance writing, but also for some good job leads to get you going.

If you are looking for a rewarding home business and you have the ability to write, freelance writing is a great career to begin. Once you learn how to put together a growing list pf private clients along with writing for upfront pay and writing for a passive income, you can easily earn a six figure income!

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