Farmville Secrets, Is it a Scam with all the Tips and Cheats?

Article by David Moon

Farmville Secrets, Is it a Scam with all the Tips and Cheats?

Farmville is a Facebook application and runs many platforms with Facebook access. It is a small, simple application and is classed as a MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Because the game is free, it has become very popular, with 10 million user accounts created in the first month of its release in 2009. With so many players going at it for such a long time, it is no wonder that new players want to find ways of leveling up and earning more coins, quickly and easily. There are many misconceptions about tips and cheats for Farmville.

Most of the so-called cheats are actually glitches or exploits in the game. There are very few real ‘hacks’, if any that actually work in the game. Most of the tips and cheats for Farmville are actually based on sound strategy, and take all the minute details of crop growing into account. Some crops earn you a lot of XP and these can be planted, then deleted and immediately planted again. This earns you maximum XP in a very short space of time. Players will do this in the early stages of the game, when XP is more valuable than coins.

Getting the most out of Farmville, requires a good schedule for planting crops, which has to coincide with your internet access times. If you plant crops that need harvesting while you are offline, they will whither and waste away. You need to make sure that you can go online to harvest them when it is prime time to do so. The alternative is to invest in animals and plants, since these do not suffer if you are offline for an extended length time. The drawback is, you do not earn as much XP or coins from trees and animals

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