How to Explain Your Online Degree to Employers

Although online education is so common today and many job applicants are applying for a job vacancy with their online degrees, but there are still many misconceptions about online education programs that can create a set of unexpected challenges when putting an online degree on your resume. If you are an online degree holder, how to explain to employers that your education qualification is meeting the job requirements and the degree has no different from the traditional campus-based degree?

Here are a few useful tips to inform the employers about the merits and validity of your education:

The most common perception about online degree in the eye of some employers is the validity of the degree. So, if the school where you pursue an online degree is regionally accredited, this is the first thing you need to let the employers know. If you are not sure about your school’s accreditation status, you can always check it up at the website of Department of Education. Schools that are listed in the database of accredited colleges and universities maintained by the Department of Education have been accredited to offer education programs that meet the standard of requirements.

It is a common concern among employers that applicants try to secure job opportunity with a fake degree. There are many diploma mills offering easy online degrees to students that required minimum or zero efforts of studying. So, you have to assure to employers that your online degree isn’t pursued in this way; instead, you have putting a lot of hard works to complete the degree program offered by an accredited school. So, it will be helpful to a job interview if you bring along a portfolio of your projects, papers, etc to be presented during the interview session. It would be a good idea to prepare some talking points about your academic achievements and try to highlight on the coursework that is related to the job position you are applying. You should explain as detail as possible about your education because it helps the employers realize its legitimacy and clear any doubt arises from their misconceptions.

Earning an online degree is not as easy as most people think of, especially if you are juggling a job or family obligations at the same time. Your experience as an online student not only helps you to gain the necessary degree that shapes your career future, but you also gain valuable internet and technology skills that are important in nearly every profession. Use the job interview session to let your future boss know how the e-learning experience enables you to manage a diverse array of task effectively using the advanced internet technology that you have learned as an online student.

You shouldn’t have a problem to start your career with an online degree. Use the above tips to explain to employers if they have questions about your degree.

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