Online degrees vs. Traditional education? How are the two different according to corporate america?

Question by cody b: Online degrees vs. Traditional education? How are the two different according to corporate america?
I just enroled at the University of Phoenix to finish my degree in business administration. I own a small business and am getting the degree for myslf but was wondering if at some point if I decided to get a job somewhere else if it would matter so much where I got the degree. How is the University of Phoenix business program different from a State University or other business schools. How is online education viewed by corporate america.

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Answer by graduate student
Most people value a traditional education more than online degrees because simply it takes more effort.

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  1. From my experience, online vs. traditional makes no difference unless your talking online vs. ivy league schools. As long as you do the work and get the education, most places don’t even inquire as to where you went. Experience is the key… if you own your own business currently, I’d say in corporate America, that would be your best asset!

  2. I think the biggest difference (in terms of perception) is whether you got it from a reputable school. I know Phoenix is all online, but I don’t know what sort of reputation they enjoy.

    Either way, if you prove a successful businessman, other companies will hire you if your MBA is from Bozo’s Clown College.

  3. In my experience, most companies aren’t concerned as to where you went, they are more concerned with if you have obtained the degree. Obtaining the degree shows that you have commitment.

  4. I don’t know if there is a scientific study of this topic. I have sensed that there are differences between the top 50 selective schools, ordinary state schools and online schools.

    I attended a top 50 school and we had an excellent placement office. While several of us students landed jobs with Fortune 50 businesses, I noticed that very few of the state school students were as fortunate. In the company that selected me, there were six from my comparatively small university and only one from the large nearby state school (Penn State). It seemed to be an “old boys” type of thing.

    There was a study done that compared students who graduated from top-ranked Ivy league Penn and students who were accepted to Penn but attended Penn State, a lower ranked state school that ranks near the bottom of the top 50. This study showed that top-notch students do equally well no matter which school they attended. The only problem I have with this study was that both schools were ranked in the top 50 so the results may not apply to someone who attends a lower-ranked state school or an online school.

  5. A BS from the Univertsity of Phgenix is OK whether online or if you lived in Arizona.
    Corporate America is looking for a degree, soft skills, computer skills, communications, team building, experience, political smarts.
    Unless you go to Harvard or Yale, or Medical School at NYU or John Hopkins they will never ask you where you got your degree
    its you the person!

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