Q&A: Do you think that teacher education degrees teaches too much useless theory?

Question by Life is Okay: Do you think that teacher education degrees teaches too much useless theory?
I would love to read your opinions on this.

I am in my final year of the Master of Teaching degree at University of Sydney. I believe the degree wastes time on useless and impractical theory and assessments. In our degree, we spend time learning about sociology, the history of education and there is an overemphasis on reflective practise. A large portion of useless theory we learn in our degrees, will never be used in the classroom. Also, we spend time doing essays, case studies, reviewing journal articles and literature reviews. When we become teachers, we do not do any of these things. Why don’t they teach us more relevant and practical things instead of getting us to write research papers? I believe that I wasted so much time learning pointless and useless things.

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Answer by scat
A Master of Teaching has nothing to do with teaching in a classroom – you do a BEd for that. A Master of Teaching is to help you work out new curricula, identify ways to plan a program for difficult students, education research and policy. You should have realised this? Masters degrees in the field of education are not something that you do without having a history in teaching in schools, academia or other areas – it is the degree you do because you wish to work for the Department of Education in policy writing, or design a new course at university, or work for a RTO in developing apprenticeship courses – jobs that have no interaction with students.

The University of Sydney degree, is not one you do to learn how to teach in schools or even university classes.

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One thought on “Q&A: Do you think that teacher education degrees teaches too much useless theory?

  1. then you shouldnt have signed up for a masters degree. Thats what a masters is!

    btw – you are incorrect when you say you will never do any of that in the classroom. 18 year teacher here and I am constantly keeping up on the research in my field.

    You have no idea what a classroom is actually like. Once you get there, you might be surprised that you will actually apply some of that useless knowledge.

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