What is Chemical Engineering

One of the oldest departments of Newark College of Engineering, the Otto H. York Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering awarded its first three baccalaureate degrees in 1923. Master’s degrees were added after World War II, as returning veterans swelled the college’s enrollment as well as the engineering workforce. The doctoral degree program was added in the late 50s, and the first PhD was awarded in 1964. An MS in Pharmaceutical Engineering program was established in 2004. From its earliest days, the department incorporated real-world work experience into the curriculum through cooperative education with area companies. The department’s faculty has also developed research partnerships with industry and government. Chemical engineering alumni hold leading positions in business, law, research and academe. Today the department has an enrollment of 132 undergraduates majoring in chemical engineering, and more than 50 pursuing graduate studies. Last year, NJIT awarded 20 bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering, 13 master’s degrees, and three PhDs. Chemical engineering currently enrolls the largest percentage of female students of any department in Newark College of Engineering — 41 percent of the department’s students are women. In 2002, the department was renamed to honor Otto H. York, chemical engineer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who is a long-time benefactor of the university. York has pledged million to the department to establish

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  1. @XsDarkii Hey, there is nothing to worry about, it is difficult but if you are committed and do your private study you will be just fine. I am also studying Chemical and pharmaceutical engineering at university of Leeds and completed 3 years, There are relevant maths, chem and physics modules in first 2 years that will teach you all you need to know throughout and help is always available. Inbox me if you would like any more info about leeds :)

  2. @thezon
    now i am really scared….i already have been accepted in leeds university for studying chemical engineering
    …..will i have a good math,´╗┐physics and chem background…i don’t should i take

    chemical engineering or mechanical engineering.. ?

    thank you any way you helped .. :)

  3. @XsDarkii
    I am currently studying chemical engineering. lots of work. i do homework and study almost all the time. big course load. the material can be tough if you dont have a good math and chem background.
    Also, its a group major. expect to be doing problem sets with others because the homework can be difficult individually.

  4. @brownguy882
    yes chemical engineering is cool. it is enormously huge and very difficult, i dropped out of manufacturing after a year. you got a big work load ahead of you.

  5. what is the Pharmaceutical Engineering ? I am a chemical engineer can I take master in Pharmaceutical Engineering , is it widely major ?

  6. im planning on going into chemical engineering
    and this vid sort of gave me a better understanding of what i will be doing

  7. @njit hey i wanted to know if what video is saying is that Chemical Engineering is turning a product into worldly use, do they take it from scientist and turn it to something useful? or are they the people who developed things it in the lab and make it into something useful?

    because i am interested in what is Chemical Engineering research and development, where i want to be working in a lab setting making products. and i want to make sure what i going for. thank you

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