Is a Nursing Degree Right For Me?

Article by Amelia

There is a critical shortage of nurses in America that opens up many career opportunities for those who are interested to join the nursing field. If you are one of them who think of starting your career in nursing field after your graduation, then you need to major in a nursing related degree at your college study. Although becoming a nurse is rewarding and challenging, it may not be your right career if you are not ready to face the challenge of the job. Then, how do you know if becoming a nurse is the right career for you?

Before you sign up a nursing degree, you might want to do a self assessment to see whether you are the right candidate for a nursing job. There are many self assessments on career selection available online where you can find questions to ask yourself and determine whether a career is right for you. A nursing career will be your right choice if you find yourself has below characteristics

1. You are able to deal with traumatic situations

Nursing is a stressful job and a lot of time, a nurse will encounters tough situation such as traumatic situation, suffering and death. Are you able to face such a tough situation with very stable emotionally and without causing yourself a personal harm? If yes, the nursing job is right for you, and you should realize your career goal with a nursing degree.

2. You are a responsible person who care for others

A selfish person can’t be a good nurse because the job requires you to take care of others who need a medical care with patient and able to assume accountability and responsibility. You also need to be a good listener and have unbiased compassion for others.

3. You are willing to work overtime and unfixed working hours

Most nursing jobs are in shifts, you will not have a fixed working hours or a fixed day job if you choose nursing as your career. Sometime, work at off hour or overtime is avoided due to emergency needs. Hence, you must prepare to work at unfixed and long working hours if you decide to start your career as a nurse.

A nursing degree will provide you with the education qualification to pave your career path in nursing field. Nursing is a rewarding and challenging career as long as you are ready to face the job challenges.

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