Online Nursing Degrees Can Vary

Choosing the right program to become a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse includes the option of a nursing degree program that allows for embarking on a nursing career by studying online. Online education lets the student continue on with prior commitments while at the same time working toward their degree.

A Licensed Practical Nurse can usually take the exam needed to begin a rewarding career within a year of enrolling as a full time student in a nursing degree program. The National Council Licensure for Practical Nurses will allow the practical nurse to provide skilled nursing care to patients as they work under a doctor’s direction or the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

With the proper supervision, a Licensed Practical Nurse can dispense certain medications and help with exams and treatments during their patients’ recovery and rehabilitation.

Many nurses choose the path of becoming an LPN so that they can work in the nursing field as they continue on with their education to become a Registered Nurse. The choice of a two year Associates Degree or a four year Bachelor of Science Nursing program is open to them.

Choosing a two year Associates Degree program as a step to the BSN degree will allow you the opportunities offered a Registered Nurse as they continue on to earning the four year degree that will give them more opportunities in the rewarding nursing career field.

Nursing programs will offer training in surgical, pediatric and obstetric practices. The course of study will include subjects related to this field like anatomy, biology, chemistry, and physiology. The student will also learn about human growth and development, first aid and nutrition.

Once the goal of reaching the status of Registered Nurse is achieved, the nurse can practice a broader range of tasks. A RN is more directly involved in direct care of patients. They can observe and assess the patient and document the reactions of any treatment the patient is given. They are also able to provide input on the progress that their patient is making.

When choosing a nursing degree program, investigate the locations where the complete training will be received. Not all training can be done in classrooms or online. It is important to know that many of the required training must be done in a medical setting where hands on learning can be given.

Finding the right nursing degree program will help ensure that the path to a rewarding career in nursing will be a smooth as possible.

Look into the possibilities of earning a nursing degree, there are several online nursing degrees you could obtain to start your career.

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