College Degrees Online – is it legal to do? instantdegrees reviews review Consumer Advocate & Video Blogger delivers a professional review of a service that uses loopholes in the law to arrange college degrees online based on a legal declaration. Is it legal to do or just a scam? Find out in this review video.
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25 thoughts on “College Degrees Online – is it legal to do? instantdegrees reviews review

  1. Getting bachelor’s degree is only way to get into middle class. If I fail college, I’ll bring shame to world. It is bad not to know what to do for living.

  2. Somebody can tell me if I could follow a master in the University here in Europe with this Bachelor degree from Instantdegrees?

    thanks a lot!

  3. I could not agree more Benjamin. I was very impressed with the service I received from this website. Normally, whenever I am using a service that may be considered a bit controversial, they tend to have trash service.

  4. Just completed my 2nd order with these guys. They have a family discount system, its like a special code that you get in the Graduation Package so your friends and family can order their college degrees at a discount. Pretty neat system. :-)

  5. Hey can any one tell me.can I apply this package on another person credit card(Family Members).Coz I have a business credit card on which my company allows me just for my work not personal..can anyone suggest me how can I.and will they ship it to Middle East?

  6. This has got to be the best service I have ever used guys. Thanks so much. So happy with the quality of my degree and supporting documentation. What a package. Awesome!

  7. My degree is already working for me as I type this. I guess like anybody, I was sceptical, its just human nature. But boy, do they deliver!

  8. Yes it is legal. So long as your employer does not insist on any particular form of accreditation there is no problem. Most employers are not concerned about accreditation, just legality. That’s my experience anyway.

  9. Dude… it don’t matter where it’s from. What matters is its legal! They explain that in the FAQ. World market man…. global world, global opportunities. You gotta get your head round that.

  10. I know they tell you dont tell you what colleges are involved, but can anyone tell me if they got one from a US based school?

  11. Their customer service rep knows his stuff too and is always concise and honest with answers. That is hard to find nowadays.

  12. I recommend getting a degree theu instantdegrees. These guys delivered to me in 6 days. Normally you don’t even get a T-Shirt delivered that quick. LOL

  13. My husband has already got his Doctoral title on his credit cards and his business cards. Businesses and Clients treat him completely different than they did before started using his new title.

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