How To Get a Fake Degree

Getting a fake degree isn’t difficult. Just make sure you don’t ‘Fake and Bake’. This vid had some deep dark secrets to share.
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Visit This is A PK edit in iSRO, for 11th degree. It’s just a quick edit, nothing fancy. At 11D , both Euro and China Armors look the same. China Wep and Female Armors. Euro Weps and Male Armors. Sorry i forgot the harp and female Light hands. (Sorry) I DON’T CLAIM ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THESE SONGS, THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED TO THE OWNERS AND I AM NOT PROFITING FROM
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34 thoughts on “How To Get a Fake Degree

  1. @agenthelios1

    Also for me having a fake degree is like having a fake driving license or any other document – isn’t that a crime ?

  2. @agenthelios1

    Well, It could be that they will actually send you a printed out degree – but you can do that yourself as well. What employer would even recognise tha?. Regarding the thing – well, even if your a small company you can afford to have a normal .com or other popular domain name. Also on top of that they use gmail – which is fine but most of the businesses around would use their domain name email names. It just all look suspicious…

  3. @3hacksTeam I get what you are saying, but I was wondering if anyone has ever sent money here and been ripped off or if they sent money and actually got a decent product.

    also what significance would the have?

  4. @agenthelios1

    There are no short cuts in life, and if you decide to go with one then be prepared for the consequences ! If it would be real then lots of people wouldn’t even bother going to school and graduating – what for ? They would get a simple job when they are 16 and when they hit 21 apply to this website and get a glamorous degree that is recognizable world wide. This entire website just clashed with intuition and common sense, and the website is a big doggy as well. Why ?

  5. @agenthelios1

    Simple, a) you will get a degree based on your current real world work experience – ehhhhhhmmmm… Which university in the world does that please tell me. There is no way to get a BSc or MSc degree in for example computing just because you have been working as a pc technician for 5 years. Secondly, how many people you know that got a degree that way ? Next thing is a doggy price – simply they want your money !! And what certificate you will get ? From what school ? get real !

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